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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 11, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PST

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thank you all for a terrific conversation. we covered a lot of ground. quick programming note here, tuesday night, big one here in washington, i'll be joining brian williams and the rest of our political team for complete coverage of the president's state of the union address at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 pacific. and we hope that you'll join us. that's all for . good monday morning. right now on "first look." now see weather around the country from this mississippi twister to more rain and snow as we kick off the new week. the reward is now $1 million as police continue to hunt for the rogue cop. music's biggest night.
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the eye popping outfits, memorable moments, plus, a plan what the president plans to lay out in the state of the union. and what steven seagal plans to do teaming up with sheriff joseph arpaio. i'm veronica de la cruz. the brunt of the storms hit in and around hattiesburg, mississippi, where a long tractor nad doe ripped across parts of the state. the twister traveled down one of hattiesburg main streets wanding its way through the university of southern mississippi's campus. governor phil brian has declared a state of emergency with downed trees, mangled buildings and injuries to more than a dozen people. fortunately no deaths have been reported. nbc meteorologist bill karins will have more on the threat of severe weather and potential flash flooding in a few minutes. residents in southern california remain on edge this
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morning. day five for the man hunt for a former lapd police officer. la authorities have under the stakes in their search offering a record $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest of christopher dorner. nbc's miguel alma gar ra has details. law enforcement forces say this is chris tow foredorner dumping a gun belt, a helmet, an lapd uniform and ammunition the morning after his first two murders. the surveillance video captured across the street from a san diego police station. >> the helmet was sitting right up top and the magazine and belt was hidden under the boxes. >> >> reporter: the former cop and now fugitive accused of killing three and wounding two others was fired from the lapd after making false accusations about his training officer. now they say a week after the killing spree they'll reopen his
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case. >> people think maybe there is something to what he says. i want to put that to rest. i'll review what has already been reviewed at multiple levels. >> reporter: the search for dorner in the mountains is one of the largest in state history with investigators saying they've found a cache of weapons and camping gear. the former navy reservist may have flight training. >> that was nbc's miguel alma gar ra reporting there. president obama will be putting the final touches on his state of the union speech for tomorrow night. nbc's brian moore has this preview. >> reporter: the economy, jobs and the middle class are expected to be center stage tuesday night as president obama delivers his fourth state of the unnon address. while foreshadowing his second term agenda, the president will
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also be trying to take the high ground from republicans in the fight over budget cuts. >> they'd rather ask more from the vast majority of americans and put our recovery at risk than close even a single tax loophole that benefits the wealthy. >> reporter: the president and democrats are demanding what they see as a fair balance. >> so what we do need is more revenue and more cuts. >> what i would like to see that is in big, balanced, bold promos sal. >> if interest's no deal by march 1st, deep, automatic spending cuts kick in. >> these indiscriminate reductions do not make sense and we're going to hurt a lot of people and it's up to the president to act now. >> reporter: but not everyone believes those across the board cuts known as sequester could hurt the economy. >> president's now counter walling about the sequester, so are many of the republicans. people say the sequester is a pittance.
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>> on tuesday night president obama will have his say from the nation's biggest bully pulpit. brian moore, nbc news, washington. and a reminder here, we'll have live coverage of the president's state of the union address tomorrow night beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. drama on the high satisfies. a carnival cruise ship is adrift in the gulf of mexico. it is running on emergency power. the more than 4,000 passengers or crew are not hurt. they're expecting to tow it to a mexican port by wednesday. a british cruise ship is being docked. crew members were trapped beneath a safety boat. and now here is your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. south carolina republican senator lindsay gram is threatening to block the
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nominations of defense secretary chuck hagel and john brennan. graham says he wants more info about the september 11th attack in benghazi, libya, including what president obama did that night. republican senator john mccain said he is leaning towards not voting for chuck hagel. he said hagel was wrong to oppose the troop surge in iran. nevada assembly man steven brooks who was arrested last month has been arrested again. brooks was taken into custody for allegedly attacking a family member and grabbing for a police officer's weapon. congressman and presidential candidate ron paul has filed a complaint with the united nations intellectual property organization for the people who. >> ron: they offered ronn as a free gift but they wanted
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$250,000 for ron trump is city saying the legal system in this country is not a joke. it's not a toy for rich idiots to play with. >> a photo was posed of what he calls his secret service video at a long island elementary school. he says the fifth grade students who want to be secret service agents when they grow up kept him safe. too cute. that is your morning dish of politics. now for a look at the national weather, we turn to bill karins who has been earning his keep. >> historic blizzard in new england, a blizzard in the plains. and a crazy tornado in the plains. >> you must be really bored, bill. >> well rested. i can't believe no fatalities out of that tornado in
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mississippi. it was on the ground so long. it was on the daylight hours and a lot of people saw it and were able to get out of the way. 50 injuries and that total continues to go up. many homes and businesses destroyed. this was that track of that super cell thunderstorm. started on the border of mississippi, louisiana, trickled all across southern mississippi and alabama. on top of that, now we've had more thunderstorms over that region. we've had flash flooding problems throughout the area. we continue into montgomery with those storms. not so concerned about the tornadoes anymore, but flash flooding will be an issue. new england, we have a little storm system heading our way today. it's already beginning to be freezing rain and snow in areas of new jersey, hudson valley and spreading into connecticut. we have freezing rain and winter weather advisories. there will only be a little bit of ice and snow but we're very cold from boston, man chester,
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glens falls, portland. you'll have a lot of problems from sleet, freezing rain. you can see that moving onto the map. that white shows you where the snow and sleet is located. veronica, it's a very active weather week. a little later on the show i'll give you details about a possible new storm going across the country and a blast of cold air. >> bill, do us a favor and take a break. >> march, april. >> a chopper shooting, a reality show and great news for investors. also, joe paterno's widow fights back with a new report by the pennsylvania former governor and attorney general. "first look" is back in 3:00. so you say men are superior drivers?
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welcome back. some stories making news now this morning. three people are dead after their helicopter crashed in a rural area in northern los angeles county. it happened during the filming of a new military themed reality tv show for the discovery channel. no word yet on what caused the crash. the death toll from a stampede during a religious
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festival in northern india is now up to 37. it happened when railway announced a change causing chaos. inmates upset over overcrowding rioted this weekend. family members battled with police. no major injuries were reported. in lebanon a heated debate on live tv turned violent when one guest hurled a glass of water at another during a discussion on syria. the tense scene was quickly taken off the air. both guests apologized after a commercial break. and for the first time the mars rover curiosity has drilled a hole into the rocky surface of the red planet and it's now collecting the powdered results for analysis. it's in an area that shows signs that it was once underwater and could potentially show that life once existed on mars. as wall street kicks off a
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new week they want to hold on to gains. s&p 500 and nasdaq have posted six weeks of gains and the six week winning streak in 42 years. markets may add to those gains with another round of earnings ahead. this week investors will get an update on the cola wars with earnings from coca-cola and pepsi. they'll also get a look at the conventional and national brands. norwegian cruise lines delivers its bottom line. over the past two weeks the price of gas shot up nearly 25 cents climbing to $3.59 a gallon. the economists released its new rankings for the most expensive cities in the world. tokyo and osaka and sydney australia is third. american cities, l.a., new york city both tied for number 27. as we hope you all know, boys, valentine's day is this
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. taking a deeper look at exactly what the president plans to focus on at tomorrow's state of the union, we turn to lynn sweet. she is the washington bureau chief for the chicago sun times. good morning to you, lynn. >> good morning. >> so when looking ahead to the speech on tuesday, president obama will be talking about jobs, he's going to be talking about the economy. does he have any specific plans to grow both that we haven't already heard yet? >> well, i think we may hear -- i think the differences will be more on the margins. there will be some proposals that will be interesting for people who might be in manufacturing, the job creator
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segment, but i don't think you'll hear, if you are yo' expecting a rollout of some totally new initiatives, you may not be hearing that. all this, of course, will be framed as ways -- the emphasis will be on helping the middle class. >> you're there in chicago and the president is headed there to talk about gun control legislation, which is clearly on the agenda for tomorrow's speech. it's been known that key democrats have been asked to use their guest ticket for victims of gun violence. what impact is the president looking for here? >> well, i think he's looking to push congress to pass his package of measures to curb gun violence. i think it will be drama advertised a little more because one of the three cities he will be stopping at after the speech is chicago, which is just had this terrible problem with curbing gun violence in the last year so he will wind up the week in chicago on friday, and we know mrs. obama was just there
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saturday at the funeral. this is a very sad story. this 15-year-old girl gunned down just about a mile from the obama family's home. so i think one of the things i want to do are put faces to the stories of people who are victims of gun violence. that's why some people are bringing guests and they will have within the obama box itself people who are victims of gun violence. >> you are talking about the hadeia pendleton funeral that just took place. in florida, eight lucky ducks are back with mom. they discould have had the duck lings trapped in the suer after they fell through the cracks in the street. now in washington, d.c., the annual cupid undie run is held every year. mascots from the washington nationals dropped by to show their own support. joe arpaio and steven seagal
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along with students took part in an actual gun simulation. students were ushered out of harm's way. seagal joined in to tell them how to act. finally in north dakota, one school mass scott brings school spirit in a great way. lee returned to the court in full gear and was presented with the school's first ever lifetime spirit award. moving now to sports. joe paterno's family fights back challenging the penn state report on the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. the paterno family's report headed up by former pennsylvania governor dick thornburg. it says the coach did nothing wrong in the case. louis freed stands by his report. thornburg says the investigation was fundamentally flawed.
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>> there's no evidence that anybody at mr. paterno's office was asked not to report anything or told to cover up things. as i said, he was the one that reported the 1991 incidents to the authorities. in college basketball number 4 duke trailed boston college who made a comeback in the second half. the blue devils got a 62-61 win making them the only top five team not to lose this week. they may go back to number one as the rankings get crazier as we get close to march madness. in the meantime, number 7 arizona came up against alan crabby who scored 31 points. the unranked cal bears upset them 71-69. notre dame got the chance to sink a half-court shot. he made it on his second attempt. he won 18,000 bucks. check this out, in bakersfield condor, the minor league hockey team brought a real live condor to the middle
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of the rink. the giant bird got loose and then made a temporary escape towards the locker room. bill karins now back with another look at the weather. how did you like that one? >> i could use a good laugh. that was nice. >> we need it after all of this. >> i know. i've got bad news, i think. >> what? >> i think there could be another big storm coming next weekend. >> no. come on, bill. >> there's going to be a couple weak storms this morning and another one this morning. the potential for another big east coast storm through next saturday and sunday. we'll have a huge dip in the jet stream. if it's able to hold the storm, it could really develop into a more powerful type storm. there's a ton of cold air behind it. this will be a very interesting scenario and setup. that's the thing to watch this week is what's going to happen with the potential east coast next weekend or this upcoming weekend i should say. today we're dealing with freezing rain and snow in new england that will change over to rain. be careful on your morning
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commute. also a lot of heavy rain in the southeast. blizzard conditions in the northern plains. >> i don't know what's going on. i look to you for my sunshine. this is what i get? >> not even close. >> what's going on? thanks, bilg. coming up just ahead, over 100 million people thought super model kate upton's latest work during the super bowl. wait until you see her on her second straight cover of the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. [ man ] visa prepaid opened a new world for me. ♪ i have direct deposit on my visa prepaid. my paycheck is loaded right on my card. automatic.
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and a welcome back. there was a whole lot to see and hear at the grammy's sunday night. there weren't too many surprises when it came to the awards. mumford and sons won the album of the year.
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gotyea won song of the year. despite cbs's dress code warnings, a few people decided to wear exactly what they wanted. rihanna went braless in a bright, red dress. katy perry won this body hugging thing. >> body hugging. >> j. lo decided to show legging in this thing. katie underwood wore this gown with a $31 million neck class around her neck. a whopping 73% of respondents thought carrie was the best dressed. another notable win to tell you about. frank ocean. chris brown's loss to frank ocean topped off a pretty bad weekend for the singer as he crashed his poor shall. he was trying to evade the pop pa rots
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